6n? what does that mean?

Octombrie 23, 2017

6n wines is a brand for millennials by millennials.

We started this brand with our own demographic in mind. We noticed among our friends and colleagues (age 25-35), all over the world, a common challenge - they liked wine, but were intimidated by it. Most of them thought that choosing wine was stressful and required extensive knowledge. We wanted to come up with a concept to close this gap. And that’s how 6n happened – an attractive and fun brand that spoke the language of our consumers

6n means wine

Just replace the Arabic numeral 6 by the Roman one. You'll get VI, right? Well, VIN is the Romanian word for “wine". We know, it's a riddle!

Colors, colors, colors

The colorful labels contain minimum of information – the brand name 6n and a hashtag, which recommends an occasion. For better differentiation between the six wines in this series, each label has a different color and recommended occasion: #VictoryWine has a violet label, #LoveWine a red label, #PartyWine a pink label, #RelaxWine a blue label, #AdventureWine an orange label and #PlayWine a yellow label.